Coffee Shop Blog

Forever, I’ve wanted to write a coffee shop blog. I travel a ton. I love coffee shops. They’re my absolute favorite thing- hanging in, working in, discovering new spots in cities to visit. I’m thrilled by coffee houses that are unique, have a specialty, put a fun twist on the same old thing, or just have created a really great atmosphere for work and dreaming. I’m frustrated by shops that seem to be on the brink of something cool, but are held back by something seemingly simple to fix. I love that coffee houses bring strangers together, cultivate conversation, and provide ‘second spaces’ for hives of creativity.

Most of all I love that no two local coffee shops are created equal. Until they franchise…

That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the availability of Starbucks (judging commence), and other chains. In the coffee game, there’s something to be said for consistency and congruence of rhetoric. (“no..I want an ACTUAL macchiato…no added sugar please..”)

This blog is for…ANYONE. Coffee-lovers, dog-walkers, travelers, entrepreneurs looking to get a sense of what people (me) are after.

As a writer, I promise to be as raw and true to self as possible. I will strive for little editing..

I’ll try to focus on the following:

Coffee: style, general quality, range of available options.
Vibe: environment, music, clientele, community
Service: style, personality, temperature (sweet/salty)
Unique offerings: any special feature of the house – study rooms, combo bike store, live music.
Location: ‘Nuff said.

I’ll also try to give an update on where I’m at in every post so that, ever in search of objectivity, you can take what I say in context…good luck to us all.

1. Everything I say here is entirely my own opinion. I’m a classic over-thinker. I have trouble putting my voice forward at times. So you will find a lot of self deprecation and Libra-concessions of other sides. You will also find me (hopefully) growing in the ability to stand on my own pov, respectfully, and constructively.

2. I only drink espresso. Avoiding TMI- drip coffee has a lot of acid and that can mess up a stomach real bad. I lost the ability to drink drip coffee without massive amounts of Prilosec about five years ago. It’s a small tragedy. Though I love espresso and americanos are great, there’s nothing quite like nursing a big mug of warm drip coffee over hours; the best just as tasty when they’re room temp as when they were hot.

3. I’ve been moving more to decaf. As it turns out caffeine can contribute to anxiety. Ugh… It’s just not as good but I order a lot of half-caf and will try to sample the full caffeine espresso at places to give an accurate impression.

Happy reading. Happy Coffeeing.. Here’s to supporting local!


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